This morning I was sitting on the couch, enjoying my coffee and talking to my daughter on the phone. I was gazing at our Christmas tree (which we put up the day AFTER Thanksgiving, so don’t blame me for the early onslaught of winter!) and admiring all the ornaments.

Years ago, we lived in a very large house, so we decided to put up two Christmas trees – one that we called our “family tree” and the other one was the “pretty tree.” The family tree contained ornaments that my husband and I had from childhood, ornaments that had been made, ornaments that commemorated something and ornaments that were gifts from special people in our lives. The pretty tree had a color theme with ornaments that all matched, beaded garland and an ornate angel on the top of the tree. Both trees were uniquely different.

Since moving out of our very large house, we have only had room for one tree, so each year we would decide between the family tree and the pretty tree. The past few years, we have gone with the pretty tree because it was harder to celebrate Christmas with my husband incarcerated. It just wasn’t the same without him home. However, this year, we once again have the family tree!

As I sat admiring the sentimental ornaments, I was so grateful for each and every family member who is represented on that tree – parents, grandparents, children, sisters, and my husband. That tree gives me feelings that a pretty tree does not. Yes, the pretty tree is good for pictures, but overall, I hope the family tree is the tree of choice from now on!

Ornamental is only that – ornamental and superficial.

Sentimental is true beauty and significant!

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