Bible Studies


In the book of Mark, Jesus is seen and portrayed as a humble servant. By using him as our perfect example, we explore the book of Mark to see how Jesus effectively lived out this approach to life. Jesus views humility as 1) having the proper view and acceptance of your own tremendous value and worth and then 2) seeing and embracing the incredible value and worth in others.

Unpacking Your Pain

We will be using the book of Lamentations as a guideline for how to completely work through our pain. The book of Lamentations is written in an acrostic form through the Hebrew alphabet. This form is used to express the completeness of walking through the pain. It starts at the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet and expresses sorrow with each section beginning with words that correspond with each sequential letter in the alphabet all the way through the entire process of lamenting.

The road to relationship by shelli virtue

The Road To Relationship

 It is a 6-week study that looks at the 26 attitudes and actions Jesus portrayed throughout the book of Matthew. “The Road to Relationship” is an in-depth study of Jesus’ interactions in the book of Matthew for people desiring close and intimate relationships through a purposeful approach that empowers them to improve their relationships.