Amanuensis Writing Emprise:
the adventurous enterprise in which I’m called to write about my journey as I’m in Awe of God’s work in my life.

The Road to Relationship

In today‚Äôs society of social media, face-to-face relationships are hard and they seem to be an ongoing struggle.  “The Road to Relationship” explores deepening relationships by commingling a study of how Jesus interacted with people throughout the book of Matthew and correlating it to various societal views on improving relationships.  We become aware of how Jesus was perfecting relationships long before our time and having great success. He accomplished that with 26 different attitudes and actions covered in the study.

Release Date: June 26, 2020

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Humility: The Insight Into God’s Kingdom

Shelli has finished writing her next study entitled “Humility: The Insight Into God’s Kingdom”. In this Bible study Shelli explores pride, shame and humility. Together you can uncover the wrong assumptions about pride and humility. They really aren’t opposites at all, like we’ve been taught. This helpful tool will let you discover your real worth and value.

Projected Release Date:
December 2020

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Next Steps…

Shelli is excited to share her journey with you!  Come along for the adventure by following her blog and eagerly anticipating the release of her women’s Bible studies.  Be prepared to deepen your relationships as she takes you on “The Road to Relationship” and beyond.