2021 Inspiration Board

Well, it’s that time of the year again! Time for me to create my inspiration or vision board for the year. If you’re anything like me, 2020 threw you for a loop and you discovered that many things on last year’s board simply didn’t come to fruition. Oh well, I’m ready to give it a […]

Making Money from My Ministry

Making Money From Ministry I grew up a pastor’s kid, so I know that we all believe in our heads that pastors should get paid when they commit their full life to serve in a church. However, when a church is small, that typically means the salary for the pastor is also small. We get […]

Mother of the Groom Speech

I recently got the opportunity to attend the wedding of another one of my children. This is my second time to get this experience, but last time I was the Mother of the Bride. This was definitely a different experience for me. It’s often said that fathers and daughters have a special bond and mothers […]

Listening for God

Do you hear from God? Do you believe you can hear anything from God other than Bible verses speaking to you? We are told over and over that God wants to be in a personal relationship with us; and yet, many people have never heard from God. I used to worry that I don’t hear […]

I’m So Tired!

Some of my favorite verses that the Message version of the Bible appeals to me in a way that no other version does is found in Matthew 11:28-30. I have greatly felt the tiredness and burden of life and needed the rest from weariness that Jesus offers. After my husband had been gone to prison […]

Detoured by Life

Life has a funny way (or not so funny way) of throwing us curveballs. We think our life is headed in one direction and then, wham! We find ourselves heading in a completely different direction. I know that many people are feeling that way right now during the COVID – 19 Pandemic. It can be […]

Bible Study Review – “We Saved You a Seat” by Lisa-Jo Baker

“We Saved You a Seat” is a women’s Bible study written by Lisa-Jo Baker. It is written to help you work on finding and keeping lasting friendships. This study should be done at a time when you are really ready to explore finding lasting friendships. I did not do this study at a time that […]

Bible Study Review – “Entrusted” by Beth Moore

“Entrusted” is a women’s Bible study written by Beth Moore. I have done many of her studies and can’t think of one I haven’t enjoyed. I love the way Beth mingles personal life and historical backgrounds on her topics to bring things into our present lives. This study takes you verse by verse through the […]

Parents in Ministry

I am almost afraid to write this post. Some of you may be looking for advice or answers, and I’m not sure I have any to give. But, I can share my experience and write from my point of view. I grew up a pastor’s kid. My dad didn’t make a lot of money and […]

Make Space for Growth

RTR Ebook Cover

Are you one who actively makes space for growth and change in your life? I know that change can be hard. Take for instance, that little gap between these past two sentences. If you go back to all of my previous blogs, you will notice that I left 2 spaces between each sentence. I grew […]