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Shelli writes thought-provoking life and faith studies based on the Bible. She isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions and is open to the possibility that her beliefs may not always be accurate. Her desire is to improve relationships, the most important thing in the world, by covering topics that challenge and inspire personal growth. She has currently self-published 3 studies on the topics of relationships, humility, and growing through our pain. Her upcoming study reflects on how our good intentions are not always great. And, her newest writing is taking a deep dive into our faith and beliefs.

Shelli has been featured in magazines, recorded guest spots on podcasts, and been in the final episode of season 3 of “The Chosen” as an extra. She spends much of her day caring for her disabled adult son, relying on her husband for tech support, and sipping coffee (her predominant love language!).

Shelli’s Approach

Shelli is on a journey of self-improvement and discovery. She closely examines her former beliefs to determine which ones improve relationships, and which make relationships more strained. She is open to listening and learning in order to accept, understand, love, and respect others. You can see the progression of her learning as you follow her Bible study journey. 

You’ll begin by moving from isolation to relation in her study “The Road to Relationship: A Journey through the Book of Matthew.” From there, you’ll discover how both pride and shame can impact our ability to come to a place of humility in learning as you study “Humility: The Insight into God’s Kingdom.” The next area she addresses is how the pain from past experiences gets in the way of moving our relationships forward in “Unpacking Your Pain: Complete Healing through Lamentations.” Coming soon, Shelli examines how our good intentions often miss the boat of impactful love in “A CURE for Good Intentions: Lessons from 13 Everyday Guys.”

Although Shelli grew up in a home where her father pastored CMA, Bible, and Baptist churches, she strives to write from a perspective free of doctrinal entanglements and chooses to focus on topics impacting our personal, relational, and practical lives. Whatever church affiliation you are connected with, you can find relevant material for living a life of love and relationship.

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Shelli is excited to share her journey with you!  Come along for the adventure by following her blog and eagerly anticipating the release of her women’s Bible studies.  Be prepared to deepen your relationships as she takes you on “The Road to Relationship” and beyond. Explore hope as you recover from pain and explore the insights into God’s kingdom through humility.

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