Unpacking Your Pain

Unpacking Your Pain

Your Path Towards Complete Healing

Pain – we’ve all experienced it in one form or another – physical, mental, emotional, social, relational. Each person has a unique way of dealing with pain. Some spend a lot of time whining and complaining about it. Others put a smile on their face, but we can tell they’re dealing with a lot. Then, there are those we think never deal with pain because they hide it or avoid dealing with it.

We will be using Lamentations as a guideline for completely working through our pain. The book of Lamentations is written in an acrostic form through the Hebrew alphabet. This form is used to express the completeness of walking through pain. It starts at the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet and expresses sorrow with each section beginning with words corresponding with each sequential letter.

You will get out of this study what you are willing to put into it! The more you get down on paper, the more you’ll be able to process pain, and create a clear plan moving forward in hope for healing. This study works through our pain from nearly every perspective we can imagine. We will dig deep! 

Audio Session 1

I.A. weakness


I.C. vocal, lengthy

II.A. caring, compassionate

II.B. confidentiality
III.B. understand

III.D. deep

III.E. concern

III.G. box, box

IV.A. advice

IV.D. answers, problems

V.A pain, hurt, reaction

V.B. blind spots, another perspective, bring  it to the light

VI. A. completeness

Audio Session 2

I.B. interested


yes, that really is all there is!

Audio Session 3

I.A. allowed

I.B. care

I.C. understand

I.D. solutions

II.A.1. Time

II.A.3 deeper

II.B. help

II.B.2. boxing 

Audio Session 4

I.A. remove

I.B. perspective

I.C. declutter

I.C.1. Junk

I.C.2. Lost

I.C.3. Recycle

II.A. edit

II.B. change

II.C. embrace

III.A. actions

III.B. obtained

III.C. attitudes

Audio Session 5

I.A.1. Different

I.A.2. How

I.A.3. Part

I.A.3.a) more

I.A.3.b) involved

I.A.3.c) team

I.A.3.d) okay

I.A.4. Assume

I.B. with


I.B.2. Load

I.B.3. Hold

II.A. influence

II.B. all

II.C. positive

II.D. permanently

II.E. small

Audio Session 6

I. Credit

         I.A. You

II. Reactions

       II.A. Unpacking

III. Untruthful

IV.A.1. Specifics

IV.A.3. Sentence

IV.D. Loved

V.A. Finish

V.B. hanging

Audio Session 7