Humility: The Insight Into God’s Kingdom

Her next study entitled “Humility: The Insight Into God’s Kingdom”



In the book of Mark, Jesus is seen and portrayed as a humble servant. By using him as our perfect example, we explore the book of Mark to see how Jesus effectively lived out this approach to life. Jesus views humility as 1) having the proper view and acceptance of your own tremendous value and worth and then 2) seeing and embracing the incredible value and worth in others.

You will discover insights into the qualities, characteristics, attitudes, and actions of humility. You will also look at signs of pride and shame creeping into your life that detract from a pursuit of humility.



Week 1: To explore the humble qualities of humility by looking at the background, habits, people and actions that contribute to the outworkings of humility.

Week 2: To explore the hardships that someone will face when incorporating humility into their life.

Week 3: To explore the hot stories that make humility such a desired quality to pursue.

Week 4: To explore the holiness that humility will bring to your life as a result of your efforts.

Week 5: To explore the symptoms of shame that could be permeating your life.

Week 6: To explore the significant signs that shame has taken root in a large area of your life and controls you.

Week 7: To explore the priorities that pride puts on themselves over others.

Week 8: To explore the preoccupations that keep pride’s mind focused on the wrong things.

Week 9: To explore the paraphernalia that causes pride to become calloused and in need of humility’s assistance.

Audio from Session One

Audio from Session Two

Audio from Session Three

Audio from Session Four

Below are the answers to the questions in the audio sessions. Don’t scroll further until you’re ready to see how awesome you did.

Below are the answers to the audio session questions. Obviously, you should be able to do these on your own from the material provided, but at least this way you can double-check your answers or confirm that you got them all right.


Audio Session 1 Answers

1. Hardened soil

1.a. Satan

2. Gravel

2.a. Enthusiasm

2.b. Character

3. Weeds

3.a. Worries

3.b. Strangles

4. Good

4.a. Hear

4.b. Embrace

4.c. Harvest


5. Down

6. Up

7. Secret

8.a. Ahead, own

8.b. Generosity

8.c. Impoverishes


9. Sum

10. Question

11. Done

12. Progress


13. Understanding

14. Wisdom

15. False

16. Sacrifice

17. Life

18. Control

19. Changes

20. Results


Audio Session 2 Answers

1.a. shame

1.b. equalizing

2.b. quicksand

2.c. flame

5. help

5.a. value

5.b. empathy

5.c. shame

5.c.1. Branch

5.c.2. God

Audio Session 3 Answers

A.3. pendulum

B.1. Relationship

B.3. Important

C.1. You

C.2. Demons

C.3. Shame

D.1. Loving

D.2. Soothers

D.3. Bless, encourage

D.4. Tear

E.1. humility

E.2. loved

E.3 refrigerator

E.4. bless, pray

F.1. Priorities

F.2. Preoccupations


F.4 You

Audio Session 4 Answers

1.a. pride
1.b. shame
1.c. humility
2.C.4. Ashamed
2.D.1. Spread
2.D.3. heaven/God
2.D.4. Garbles

2.E.1. Like
2.E.2. With
2.F.2. reside

2.G.3. possible

2.G.4. Fulfill

2.G.4.a. Like

2.G.4.b. equalize