I have lost track of how many Bible studies I have done in my life.  I have a huge stack of them that I have completed and many more that I threw away just to “clean things up a bit” over the years.  I’m going to share with you my 5 Top Favorite Studies of all time.


“Experiencing God” by Henry and Richard Blackaby – I was so impacted and my life changed so much that I have done this study 2 or 3 times with different groups of people.  I don’t think I really understood what it meant to have a personal relationship with God until I went through this. Before this study, I believed a personal relationship meant that God knew ME personally, but I had no idea how to get to know God intimately. 


“The Beloved Disciple” by Beth Moore – similar to the experience with the previous study, I knew that God loved me enough to die for me, but I didn’t grasp the intensity and desire he has to fully love me.  This study helped me to see myself through the eyes of love from God rather than the harsh judgment and condemnation view I had grown up with.


“The Armor of God” by Priscilla Shirer – Once my eyes were opened to the spiritual battle that is going on all around me, this book really hit home how my only defense is to put on the armor that God provides in order to protect myself from Satan’s attacks.



“The Quest” by Beth Moore – after doing the study that was my #1 favorite, I experienced a high with God and was a part of a wonderful ministry with youth. Then, Satan attacked that ministry and destroyed it; thus, the need for the #3 study. After that, I began to wonder where God had gone and how could he let something like that happen.  This study helped me take that excursion back towards God.


Lord, Change My Attitude” by James MacDonald – this study really made me take a look at my attitude during those dark days.  I examined my attitudes and figured out how my attitudes were contributing to my problems and how a change in attitude would help me work towards solutions.


When selecting a Bible study choose something that is relevant to your own personal life at the time.  What are you struggling with, where do you desire growth, where do you need to be challenged? If you want your studies to be meaningful, choose studies that matter to you NOW!  

Comment below on your Favorite Bible Study of all time and why!

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