Mid-Year Review: Reflecting on Our Goals and Embracing Progress

As we reach the halfway mark of the year, it’s the perfect time to pause, reflect, and assess the progress we’ve made toward the goals we set at the beginning of the year. In this blog post, I invite you to join me on a journey of self-evaluation, as we engage in a Mid-Year Review of our aspirations and measure the strides we’ve taken towards achieving them. Let’s celebrate the wins, acknowledge the challenges, and embrace the growth we’ve experienced thus far.

Mid-Year Review of the Goals Set

Reflect on the goals you set at the beginning of the year, and share the excitement and intentions behind them. At the beginning of this year, I created and shared a 30-day challenge to help us get more organized and be more productive throughout the year ahead. We began our challenge by reviewing our accomplishments during 2022, selecting a word for the year, and selecting a Bible verse or quote for the year.

Have you found your Word of the Year to be motivating, encouraging, or a good description for the year so far? If not, consider selecting a more appropriate word for the remainder of the year. Now, let’s evaluate how we’re doing in each of the areas we set goals for the year.

Family Goals:

What goals did you set in the area of your family? What progress have you made so far, and what plans are still in the midst of being created or completed? I was able to enjoy a vacation to Florida with my daughter’s family and one of my sons. We have also made time to get together about once per month with at least one of our children.

Financial Goals:

What steps have you taken to begin saving money, planning for retirement, preparing for a large purchase, or investing your money? What setbacks have you faced that have caught you off guard? How will you plan to overcome those setbacks? We have been planning and preparing to move to our “final home” within the next few years. We have several “ducks” we need to get in a row to make that happen.

Friendship/Community Goals:

How did you plan to make time for friends or become more involved in the community? Maybe you needed to reduce your time in this area to make room for other goals. Are you finding this new approach has made you a better person? I determined to plan a reunion for some of my high school friends. We had a wonderful visit and it inspired one of my friends to take the initiative to plan our next get-together.

Relationship Goals:

In what ways did you plan to work on building better relationships? Did you determine to spend more time, read books or receive counseling to work on problem areas, or determine to change your role in a particular relationship? Our relationships can have a significant impact on every other area of our lives. My husband and I have been reading two different books and having many conversations to improve our relationship.

Personal Growth Goals:

This 30-Day Challenge may have been the very thing that kickstarted the area of personal growth for you. Did you set goals to rid of bad habits, determine to change poor attitudes, or dig deep into personal pains that have been holding you back? Can you feel the difference those steps are making in your life? I have been reading several different books to encourage good use of my time. I not only set goals but continue to set due dates for specific tasks and immediately add new tasks as opportunities arise.

Professional Growth Goals:

Where did you desire to see changes in your professional life? Did you set out to achieve a promotion or change your career? Did you determine to work more or fewer hours? Are you seeing improvements in this particular area? At the beginning of the year, I set very clear tasks to get my momentum moving forward. Since the beginning of the year, I have had articles published in magazines and been a guest on two podcasts. 

Physical Goals:

This is the most common area for people to set New Year’s Resolutions, but my challenge was intended to last the entire year, not just a month. We created specific, small tasks to help us achieve each goal we set. Did you set goals to lose weight, exercise regularly, or change your eating habits? How have you set these goals into motion and what successes have you had? I determined at the beginning of the year to lose 30 lbs and make lifestyle changes in my diet. I am currently down 21 lbs and have made great strides in changing my meal plans and reducing sugar.

Spiritual Goals:

What spiritual disciplines did you determine to change or grow throughout the year? What impact has it made on yourself or others? My word for the year was “Rethink.” I have been working through my set of beliefs to determine why I believe what I believe. It takes courage and determination to go against the teachings you were brought up with your entire life.

Home Organization Goals:

Don’t we all feel better when our houses are clean and organized? What goals did you set to make your home more inviting? I have made my way through 5 areas of our home, office, and outdoor sheds. We have taken many box loads of items to the thrift store and sold other items to help with our financial goals.

Mid-Year Review of the Wins and Milestones:

Take a moment to celebrate the wins and milestones achieved thus far. Highlight the progress you’ve made and acknowledge the efforts and dedication you’ve put into reaching those milestones.

Lessons from the Challenge:

Address any obstacles or challenges you’ve encountered along the way. Share the lessons learned, the growth experienced, and how these challenges have contributed to personal development. 

Realigning and Adjusting Goals:

If there are any areas that have shown no improvement or growth, now is a great time to make some modifications to your goals. It’s important to remain adaptable and flexible in goal setting.

Embracing the Journey:

Are you enjoying the journey toward growth? Try not to focus solely on the destination. How has reaching goals inspired you toward more growth? 

Looking Ahead:

As the second half of the year unfolds, determine what goals to keep pursuing as set and which might need to be revamped. Consider renewed intentions, revised goals, or additional aspirations. We still have plenty of time to make this year the most productive year ever!

Conclusion: As we reach the midpoint of the year, it’s essential to reflect on the goals we set and evaluate our progress. This mid-year review serves as a reminder of our intentions, celebrates our achievements, and acknowledges the challenges faced. It is through this evaluation that we can realign our goals, adapt to new circumstances, and continue our journey with renewed determination. As we step into the second half of the year, let’s embrace the growth, embrace the lessons, and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Remember, progress is a continuous process, and each step taken brings us closer to our dreams. Here’s to an inspiring and fulfilling remainder of the year!




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