Are you one who actively makes space for growth and change in your life? I know that change can be hard. Take for instance, that little gap between these past two sentences. If you go back to all of my previous blogs, you will notice that I left 2 spaces between each sentence.

I grew up learning to do it that way. From the time I took my first typing class in high school until about 2 weeks ago, that was how I did it. But, you know what? That’s not how things are done now in the professional world. You only put one space between each sentence. My husband first told me about that change and began going through my manuscript for “The Road to Relationship” and deleting all the extra spaces in my document. What a chore! Then, I started reading publisher requirements for potentially submitting my manuscript and discovered the exact same thing. Two spaces make your work look unprofessional and can cause a publisher to overlook the rest of your work. Wouldn’t that be sad if I missed out on a publishing deal because of an extra space between my sentences?

I have already finished writing a large portion of my next book, so guess what I am doing? Going back through and removing all the extra spaces and trying to learn a new habit of only hitting the space bar once at the end of a sentence.

There are going to be things that come up in the rest of our lives that are beyond our control. We need to make space to learn new things, relearn old things in a new way, or simply change our current attitudes or actions.

Make Space for Growth

If we aren’t willing to make space in our life for change, it will cost a lot of unneeded work and heartache. Learn to be flexible and actively looking for ways to make life easier now rather than needing to make a change later.

I think I made it through this entire blog without hitting the space bar twice between sentences. And, no, I didn’t go back and delete any I had missed. So, let me know if you find a place I overlooked and added two spaces. I really am trying to make space in my life for change!

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