Other than for people who live their lives in the Time Zone of the Past, most of us live our lives moving full steam ahead. We have goals to achieve, places to go, work to get done, people to see, good to do. All of those can be good things!

About a year ago, I discovered the 4 part movie series entitled “North and South.” If you enjoy the movie “Pride and Prejudice,” then you will likely enjoy this as well. Of course, there are two completely different people involved in the plot – one from the North and one from the South. During the majority of the movie, they are never on the same page. When one likes the other, the other can’t stand them. Then, when that person likes the other, then that one doesn’t like them.

They are both doing their best to live the best possible life they can with the circumstances around them, but often find they make choices that do good for someone, but then not for others. We are often the same way, we get so busy doing good, that we completely forget about what is BEST.

My favorite line from the movie is “Look Back. Look back at me.” The male character, Mr. Thornton, is completely in love with Miss Hale. She is leaving to live with her aunt after her parents have died and he desperately wants to know where her heart is at. As she is driving off in the carriage, he is saying those words to himself, just hoping for some glimpse into her heart. Just a simple look would tell him so much.

71275EB: North and South - eBookNorth and South – eBook
By Elizabeth Gaskell

I think God must often feel the same way. He speaks into our life, gives us a mission or purpose to fulfill and we take off running. We put on our track shoes and go full steam ahead. We leave him in the dust. We take off and never look back. Just a glimpse back on occasion would be a minimum for Him to know that we haven’t forgotten about him, that He is special to us, that He truly is our life. The One that we are meant to spend the rest of our life with!

Don’t forget to Look Back at the One who inspired you to take off on this amazing journey!

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