I have this decorative door that my husband and I made, that I fondly refer to as my “doorcor.” It is a piece of decor that changes with the seasons. There are some things about it that remain the same no matter the time of year and some things that I change up as the season changes.

At the base of the door, we have the phrase “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong and laughter never ends.” That is a mantra that I want to remain as a constant throughout my home and life. The door is also framed by garland and lit up with lights. These constants remind me of the love and acceptance I want our home to be filled with, a framework of a beautiful marriage and relationship with God and a life lit up by the love of God and that I allow to flow through me to those around me.

The door also has aspects that change to reflect the season we are currently in. I just took off the red ribbon and bows and the bells that hung from the center of a wreath that is draping down from the top of the door. This next year, we will experience many changes in the season of our life. We will become “mostly” empty-nesters and become first time grandparents. Our life will take on a new vibe, purpose, and chance to reflect something new into other’s lives. We will add a grandchild and a daughter-in-law to our precious family.

The change on my door to the next season hasn’t completely happened yet. I have a pretty pink ribbon and hope to find some kind of heart to adorn the wreath for the season of Love coming up in February. The change hasn’t completely happened yet – just like the major events mentioned above, but it is well on it’s way and I can envision the change (I have now posted a picture of the finished seasonal change!)

We each need to have constants in our life that remain no matter the season of life we are in, but we need to be envisioning and preparing for the different changes that happen in our life so we can make the next season just as special and beautiful as the last.

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