One of the hardest things to learn in life is to bring your flaws, failures, wrongdoings or sin into the light. Our natural tendency is to try to hide them or cover them up. When we do that, we begin to heap shame upon shame which induces more and more covering up. We begin to put on a facade in hopes that others will like us. Although that may seem logical, it actually brings about the opposite result. People may like us, but we are left wondering if they actually like who we really are or just the character we portray to them.

Satan loves it when we take this approach. We become isolated from others and genuine relationships, we doubt God’s love for us and unconditional love from others, and heap darkness on our lives through depression and loneliness.

When the Bible talks about the “truth will set you free,” that is exactly the experience we will have when we bring those things into the light. Be quick to confess your wrongdoings and then take real measures to make changes. Learn to forgive yourself and allow others to forgive you. Bask in God’s forgiveness and love and then experience genuine love from others with the real you rather than the fake you.

Now that my eyesight is fading, I already find it more challenging to work on puzzles. However, when there is a lack of lighting in the area I am working on one, I really struggle to find which piece fits where. But, when I flip on an overhead light, it is so much easier to figure out how to fit a piece into the proper area because it’s not hidden in the shadows.

When we learn to bring our problems, mistakes, and flaws into the light, we will find it so much easier to find solutions and resolutions so that our life can get put back together. The final picture we then see in our life will be complete, even if there may be jagged edges, and awkwardly curved sections on pieces of our life.

When you know that those in your life love and care about you as you are – with all your imperfections – you will feel free to pursue changes in your life that will assist in overcoming those imperfections.

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