Well, it’s that time of the year again! Time for me to create my inspiration or vision board for the year. If you’re anything like me, 2020 threw you for a loop and you discovered that many things on last year’s board simply didn’t come to fruition.

Oh well, I’m ready to give it a go again and as you’ll see on my board, some of my goals are a take-two. I think the overall goal for my year is CHANGE. Who would have guessed that? It’s almost inevitable considering our circumstances. Whether we like it or not, this past year forced many of us to make changes, so this year, I am choosing to embrace that idea.

I typically break down my vision board into different sections that cover different aspects of my life and what I want to achieve. I have a section for my marriage, one for my family, one for my God relational life, my health, my home, my work, travel hopes, and my growth and maturity realm.


This year, I want to challenge myself to be open to change. I want to learn to make the changes on my own rather than waiting for circumstances to force the change. I want to view the changes as an opportunity to start fresh and live a more meaningful life.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us binge watched Netflix series this year. One of the programs I watched was “The Home Edit” which encouraged me to get things ordered. I am working to organize various areas in our home, so that I can be effectively using what I have or sharing things with others. I want to make this my most organized year – in our home and in my personal life.

We have always been a family who eats home-cooked meals far more often than going out to eat. However, I feel like we have fallen into a routine of the same things over and over. My vision board includes a goal to try one new recipe each week. I still have leftover ham from Christmas, so tonight, I am making a ham and potato soup that is dairy-free. Both my husband and son have really begun to experience issues with dairy products, so this will be an interesting experiment for me!

Then I have a couple of areas that are do-overs. For instance, I had really hoped that last year we would be able to take a road trip, but that really got hindered – for more than one reason. So, I am hoping that our 30th Anniversary trip will be a Route 66 trip. My second do-over is losing weight. Instead of losing the weight I hoped to lose last year, I put it all on, plus some! Our gym was closed most of the year and my husband’s health held us back from getting out and walking as much as we should have. Plus, all those countless hours on the couch binge watching Netflix didn’t help!

Most importantly, I have goals for my relationships with my spouse, children, grandchild, God and others. I want to learn how to love more fully, savor the moments I have with them, and really get to know them better. I really need to figure out good ways to use my spare time – continuing to write my women’s Bible studies, writing letters to others and taking time to bake goodies for people.

Those are the things I have included on my inspiration board for the year. What things would you include on your vision board? I would love it if you would post pictures of your inspiration boards for 2021 in the comments below!

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