Detoured by Life

Life has a funny way (or not so funny way) of throwing us curveballs. We think our life is headed in one direction and then, wham! We find ourselves heading in a completely different direction. I know that many people are feeling that way right now during the COVID – 19 Pandemic. It can be […]

Be a Partner in Suffering

Philippians 3:10 says that one way we get to know Christ is that we become a partner in suffering. I know for myself, I REALLY can’t stand pain and suffering! It is so hard to focus on those around you when you are in the midst of a difficult trial. So, how is it even […]

Your Call is Being Monitored

When you receive a call from someone in a federal prison, you receive a message at the beginning of the call and then again after every 5 minutes. The message lets you know that you are receiving a call from an inmate at a prison, but also tells you that your call is being monitored. […]

Thrive, Not Just Survive

Have any of you ever chosen a word for the year? I had heard about this concept about 5 or more years ago, but never chose one for myself until this past year. It is a process in which at some point in time near the beginning of a new year, you select a word […]