Making Money from My Ministry

Making Money From Ministry I grew up a pastor’s kid, so I know that we all believe in our heads that pastors should get paid when they commit their full life to serve in a church. However, when a church is small, that typically means the salary for the pastor is also small. We get […]

Parents in Ministry

I am almost afraid to write this post. Some of you may be looking for advice or answers, and I’m not sure I have any to give. But, I can share my experience and write from my point of view. I grew up a pastor’s kid. My dad didn’t make a lot of money and […]

You Have the Tools, but do you Have the Will?

Last year, I joined Noom, which is a lifestyle change approach to losing weight and taking control of your life. I was given many tools to help me make better choices, set goals, gain knowledge about health, and face the real reasons why I was making poor choices in my diet. I did extremely well […]